Growing 101

Learn how to grow online at your own place!

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What You Will Learn

Growing process

Everything from A-Z


Using the best equipments effectively


Processing your buds

Indica vs. sativa vs. hybrid

Growing different genotypes and phenotypes


Using water, soil and various plant supplements


Using light effectively

Plant biology

Anatomy, gender, and PH levels

Indoor vs. outdoor

Key difference in growing inside

Potted vs. hydroponics

Key difference of growing in a pot

Harvest and storage

Room temperature, humidity and air quality


LED vs. traditional lighting vs. UV lighting

Grow room environment

How to optimize your grow room

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Our course is perfect for first time growers, who wish to learn growing marijuana at home. This course will teach you the growing process in depth, from the time your cannabis seeds to all theway to their harvest. Nothing will be left out to assure that you have a top quality growing experience. We will be teaching you about the equipment needed, while also providing thesteps on how to operate these tools effectively. Most don’t have an in-depth education on plant science and that is fine with us. We will be teaching you these fundamentals, while focusing your attention on the differences between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids. Some may ask questions on how to tell if a Marijuana plant is a male or female? Others may ask if they are feeding their marijuana plant correctly? No worries, we will teach you the differences in plant gender as wellas proper and effective nutrients for your plants, which are some of the lessons we have incorporated into this course. Learning about the best nutrients for marijuana will in return create healthy and strong plants. Did you know lighting is a key element in growing your plants? We will teach you about the best lighting for marijuana including the different types of lighting,optimal lighting sets for your environment, and pros and cons between LED and traditional lighting. We understand that figuring out about harvesting buds properly can be difficult for first time growers. You shouldn’t have to read an endless amount of books and articles to learn the process of harvesting your buds properly. That is why our experts have condensed all the information that you would need in one solid course. This course is for those first time growers,who wish to skip the trial and error stage of growing marijuana and learn the best and most efficient methods to harvest their plants, so they are in the perfect condition to consume.

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My name is Martin and I have been growing cannabis for the last 15 years. Growing cannabis is my calling and I love growing my own bud. Interacting with my plants and watching them grow is a remarkable and beautiful experience. I speak to my plants, and their quality of growth can only be accounted upon the fact that I listen to them. Yes, I talk to my plants and you will be doing the same after taking this course. Growing your own cannabis and consuming it brings a sense of joy and tranquility that buying can never achieve. I remember my first time growing cannabis. I was making all types of mistakes, but thanks to the experience of trial and error I have perfected my plants. Although, being technical is in my nature, I explain my methods in a way where even a beginner can understand. I wish to bring this knowledge to everyone and spread the passion of growing your own cannabis. I love being able to put the power of growing what we love back into the hands of our culture and community.